Aunt Duma's Red Tea

Aunt Duma’s Red Tea

As a fan of all teas, iced or hot, this project was most exciting. Inspired by the South African origins of the red tea Rooibos, I developed the Aunt Duma brand. After researching the health benefits, tea and fruit blends that I myself could not resist, I set out to construct a sustainable packaging system, and a full line of organic tea products.

  • Sustainability
  • Branding system
  • Prototyping
  • 60 slide presentation
  • 5 weeks
  • Identity and branding for a consumer product.
  • Strong shelf presence.
  • Distinctive and adequately communicates the teas attributes.
  • Communicates a cultural connection between the product and its origins.
  • Engaging and informative look and feel.

Click here to see process and design brief.