I Am More

For my final grad show, I decided to showcase my personal branding, portfolio, "you books," and photography installation of a personal photography explorations. Here I have installed a 9 panel compilation of images. Theses images are taken by me and of me creating; like a self portrait. As a designer I have noticed that there is a lack of understanding of what a designer is. Mostly people believe that a designer is simply someone who sits behind a computer giving it commands as it does the "real work." Each image is a macro shot of me creating objects with my hands across many different media. These images express all that we designers are capable of with our hands and our minds. I believe that we as designers are more. Nerds, artists, thinkers, creators, fabricators, advocates, system lovers, community builders, and connection makers. 

As a farewell to my fellow classmates and instructors, I asked for my peers to take card with my information to keep in contact, and in return they could leave me a message in their own creative way. Those messages left behind for me, I hold dear to my heart.